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Welcome to Paleo Vegetarians!

No beans. No soy. No dairy. No rice. No quinoa. No alcohol (um, yeah...we'll talk). No grains of any kind. And since we're all vegetarians here... no meat. 

So what's a quinoa-loving, Morningstar breakfast patties addict supposed to eat?

This website is a place for vegetarians to share ideas, recipes and encouragement with the goal of transitioning to or maintaining a PV lifestyle. Sound like fun? Then join in the conversation. Whatever your goal, let's noodle (Oh no! Forbidden food alert) out the details together.  

Brussels Sprouts Burger

I haven't tried it yet, but check out this Brussels Sprouts Burger from Caveman Keto's website. 182 calories, 7 carbs and 14 grams of protein.




Men's Journal: How to Be Vegetarian and Still Be Paleo

Short article in Men's Journal on a vegetarian approach to the Paleo/Primal diet. I read it as recommending beans, tofu and dairy for the protein aspect. I'm just not sure that still qualifies it as Paleo. 

Question Of The Day: Would you say eating beans tofu and dairy but otherwise eating all whole foods is in line with the Primal/Paleo philosophy?

Round 2 of Paleo Vegetarian Eating Challenge Coming Soon!

Based on the e-mails and inquiries I've been fielding, sounds like everyone is game for another round of "Can I Unfriend The Tofu?" aka the Paleo Vegetarian Eating Challenge.

I'd like to organize this challenge more then the first -- ambitious considering we're in the process of selling our home and moving but hey--all this PV eating has given me unlimited energy. So let's talk about it. How long do you think the new challenge should be? What can we do different/better this time to support each other?

Here are few ideas I'm toying with:

• Everyonee participating in challenge contributes a recipe 
• All PV participants register on MY FITNESS PAL and we’ll track/coach each other on keeping up with protein, etc. 
• Full 30 day challenge
• Some sort of reward system throughout the challenge – need ideas! 
• Guest posts on from participants about how the challenge is working for them

Question Of The Day: What would you like to see in a new challenge?