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Hi, I'm Dena, a vegetarian for 20+ years, former vegan (I lasted 8 months) and endurance athlete. I started this website after reading a post on No-Meat Athlete by tri-athlete Susan Lacke on "How I Survived 8 Weeks As A Paleo Vegetarian."

Over the past couple of years, I’ve been reading about Paleo/Primal diets and found myself intrigued by the health arguments for “eating like a caveman.” Turns out I’m not alone. Tons of vegetarians responded to Lacke’s article, asking for advice and eating plans.

The biggest obstacle—obviously—is that consuming meat is at the heart of any Paleo diet. So what are a bunch of plant eaters supposed to do?

Answer: Go Paleo… only without the meat.

Can it be done? Not easily. As Lacke points out in her article, a Paleo diet means no grains (including our beloved quinoa), no beans, no soy, no rice, no dairy, no alcohol and no sugars except those found in fruit.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but that pretty much wipes out every recipe I’ve ever made as a vegetarian.

I created this site as a way station for people like me interested in combining what seems to be the best of both worlds – Paleo and vegetarianism. 

Please don't take what you find on this site as gospel. I'm not a health or nutrition expert. I'm just interested in figuring out if PV is a sustainable way of eating and it appears I'm not alone. Going forward, let's ask questions, find answers and pool resources.

Welcome to the world of Paleo Vegetarianism. Now… what’s for dinner?


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